The Working of Parliamentary Committees in Westminster Systems: Lessons for Bangladesh
  About the book

Committees are ubiquitous. They are found in all types of legislatures?large or small, old or new. Parliamentary committees are important because they can provide a number of values that are not easily available otherwise. However, although it is widely acknowledged that committees have greater resilience in Congressional and Continental systems than in Westminster-style democracies, there are not many studies that explore variations in committee influence and impact in the latter. This volume intends to fill this gap. It provides a detailed account of the organisation and working of parliamentary committees in Australia, Bangladesh, Britain, Canada, India and New Zealand and identifies the reasons that explain why they matter more in some Westminster-style democracies than in the others. It also explores the lessons that Bangladesh can learn from the experiences of other countries. This comparative study should be of interest to parliamentarians, party politicians, researchers, academics and civil society representatives.

A.T.M. Obaidullah, is Professor of Public Administration (on leave) at the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. At present, he is working as Project Implementation Specialist (PIS) of Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy (SPD) Project. Professor Obaidullah has published a large number of articles in reputed local and international journals. He is the author of Bangladesh Public Administration (Academic Publishers, 1999) and Democracy and Good Governance: The Role of Ombudsman (Bangladesh Institute of Parliamentary Studies, 2001).

Nizam Ahmed is Professor of Public Administration at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. His writings have appeared in scholarly international journals. He is co-editor of Parliaments in Asia (Frank Cass, 1999) and author of The Parliament of Bangladesh (Ashgate, 2002), Non-Party Caretaker Government in Bangladesh: Experience and Prospect (UPL, 2004) and Limits of Parliamentary Control: Public Spending in Bangladesh (UPL, 2006).