Small Area Atlas of Bangladesh, Mauzas and Mahallahs: Bogra District
  Table of Contents:

Userís Guide
National Map showing location
District Upzila Geo-Code Map
District Union

Upazila wise Mauza/Mahallah Location Maps

Paurashava wish Mahallah Location Maps

Appendices-1: List of Zilas
Appendices-2: List of Upazila
Appendices-3: List of Urban Areas
Appendices-4: List of Unions
Appendices-5: List of Mauzas

Small Area Atlas of Bangladesh showing location of mauzas and mahallas of rural and urban areas is the direct outcome of the Nation-wide Geo-coding system developed by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. The Atlas will be published in twenty volumes one for each of the former districts. To enhance its user friendliness, the Atlas contains three guide maps viz. one national map and two district maps at the beginning. An userís guide comprising definition of the various terms used in the atlas and elucidation of the Geo-code system has also been included. Each volume will contain the maps of all mauzas in the district arranged by upazilas and unions on uniform scales so that the mauzas can be compared amongst each other as to their physical size. Corresponding tables of selected statistical information relating to Household, Population size Area presented for each mauza arranged again by unions and upazilas have been included. For ease of linkage, the related tables are placed opposite to the maps. The household and population figures relate to 1981 population census and mauza or mahalla areas are based on the latest estimates.
In some cases, mauza area had to be estimated directly from maps with the help of planimeter. The list of mauzas for each district is nearly complete; in certain cases there still seem to be some confusion as to the identity of the mauza, whether it is a para, village or mauza; there can similarly be some omissions as well. Such cases have been brought together as a memorandum item. Through further scrutiny both in the field and head quarters such cases will be hopefully eliminated or further narrowed down in the future. In addition to mazuas, the atlas provides separate maps for each of the municipalities located in the districts. The municipal maps show boundaries of the municipality and location of wards and mahallahs within each municipality. Another map showing ocation of other urban areas and upazila headquarters has been included. Mauzas comprising the other urban areas and upazila headquarters have also been identified. Thus by totaling the mauza and municipal areas it is possible to arrive at the total area of the district and hence the total area of Bangladesh.