History of the Family of Sheikh Gul Mohammad
  About the book

History of the Family narrates the story of several generations of Sheikh Gul Mohammad, the former Gumman Mal of Bhera. Based on the genre of South Asian family histories, the book combines fictional personal accounts with actual historical events to trace what life must have been like for a fairly well-off North Indian family during Mughal and British times. Occasionally courtiers and soldiers, occasionally clerks and civil servants and once even a holy man- the family knows several changes of fortune as the sword of Hussain, given to Sheikh Fateh Mohammad by the Mughal courtier Mirza Rasul Beg, is handed down through several generations to finally disappear in 1971. sometimes nostalgic, often humorous, History of the Family should be read by anyone interested in the history of the subcontinent and in the lives of ordinary people who make up the often unrecorded part of that history.

Niaz Zaman is Professor of English, University of Dhaka. Her publications include the prize-winning study A Divided Legacy: The Partition in Selected Novels of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh; the novel The Crooked Neem Tree and the short story anthology The Dance and Other Stories. She is currently preparing a second collection of short stories for the press.