Comparative Advantages of Public and Private Health Care Providers in Bangladesh
  Report Summary:

The report attempts to provide new evidence on the comparative advantage of public and private providers in order to explore the alternatives for the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) with regards to which health services it might consider to contract-out, if any. The findings of this study are intended to be of use to policy makers, GOB officials and health service providers. Important recommendations may be drawn for national policy- for example, results suggest that there could be potential benefits, in terms of value in contracting-out certain health services, and also for facility management- for example, data show that private providers keep less medical records than their public counterparts..

This vibrant private health care system exists along with the health care through the public health system. In fact 50% of the population from all income segments are already seeking treatment care from the private sector. In view of the limited public resources as well as the widespread presence of the private sector, the government is currently reviewing its health policies to evaluate the usefulness of contracting-out the provision of certain health services to the private sector (both not-for-profit and for-profit). However, high prices in the private sector and their potential impact on access to services by the poorest as well as quality issues remain a concern for the government.