Architect of Human Destiny Who Brings about Peace or Chaos?
  Table of Contents:

The book Architect of Human Destiny? Keeps its very keen eyes on the world scenario, whatever it is good or bad from its very beginning to its end. It tries to solve the age long riddles, i.e.. What has already happened, what is happening and what would happen and why in our lives very humbly and satisfactorily with a very reasonable approach no matter what the so-called make-believe world has poured into our minds. Thus, the book is totally an unbiased and comprehensive study of the subject indeed.

The whole theme of the book has been woven into its thirteen chapters only. The book gives us a new outlook and a new vision to see our lives and our world through our non-mystical, non-conventional and non-dogmatic eye-glasses.

The book is expected to have a magnetic impact especially on the young minds, which are still seen less poisoned. In fact it is to fulfill the age old dire need of all the people of the world, no matter what and where one is.