Dimension of Development in Nagaland
  Book Description :

Who are the Nagas? How did the Naga identity emerge? Why are they fighting against the Indian state? What are the economic and social consequences of this long-drawn conflict? Can Naga struggle for independence be traced to the under-development of the economy of Nagaland? What is the present status of development in Nagaland? What is the extent of educated unemployment in Nagaland? Is large-scale unemployment fuelling the insurgent movements in the state? What are the constraints of development of the economy of the state? What role is being played by the Naga students in enhancing the collective interest of the Nagas? Is there any in-built gender bias in Naga customary laws? What is the status of women in Naga society? Can the democratic political structure of the country accommodate the Naga interest? Is there any need for a paradigm shift in Nagaland?
Having addressed these questions from different perspectives, this book calls for a wider readership cutting across the activists, policy makers as well as academia.