State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2012-13 and Outlook for FY2013-14
  This volume of the IRBD has focused on three areas: evaluation of the state of the economy in FY2012-13 with comments on near-term outlook, analysis of the National Budget for FY2013-14, and an analysis of the commitment and delivery of Rana-Plaza follow-ups.
Chapter 1 undertakes an assessment of the performance of Bangladesh economy in FY2012-13 and tries to forecast the performance over the next fiscal year. An interesting feature of this analysis had been an exercise to understand the political-business cycle in the context of Bangladesh, as Bangladesh was marching towards elections to the tenth National Parliament. Chapter 2 presents a close examination of the various projections and fiscal proposals laid out in the National Budget for FY2013-14.
Chapter 3 incorporates the First Independent Report on monitoring the Rana Plaza follow-ups. The report dwells on three areas: (a) provides the background of the civil society initiative to conduct independent monitoring exercise of the Rana Plaza incident; b) provides profile of the victims and survivors of the tragedy; and (c) presents a review of the commitments made by various stakeholders following the tragedy with an early over the first hundred days.
Annex 1 of the volume captures the major messages voiced by the stakeholders who attended the dialogue CPD had organised to discuss the FY2013-14 Budget.