Selected Essays on Military Security Society and Country
  Different writings of "Military, Security, Society and country" are the collection of thoughts which
usually deal with subject of military theme. These matters directly or indirectly affect military,
security, society and country. This book is a collection of essays written during different
periods of time till recently. Most of the essays were written for the professional military Journals
of Bangladesh Army/Armed Forces, Some were also published in Daily/Weekly newspapers. Some
remained unpublished. The military which started its journey through the glorious War of Liberation
has attained professional competency and worldwide reputation through its UN
peacekeeping role. The role played and perspective role of military in view of changed
socio-economic and geo-political environment demand careful scrutiny and validation. The
articles included in this book mainly focus on the aspects of core military interest, modernization,
future role, effects of traditional and non-traditional security on society and country. We hope the non military and military readers would get some insight of the military and security
matters which is very important for a society and country like Bangladesh,