State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2011-12 and Outlook for FY2012-13
  Independent Review of Bangladesh's Development (IRBD) has been the flagship programme of the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) since 1995 when the programme was first initiated. A major objective of the IRBD programme is to examine and analyse the key macroeconomic performance indicators of the Bangladesh economy including fiscal-budgetary and monetary sectors and the real economy, both on the basis of interim assessments of the economy, and also for the entire fiscal year. The purpose of the IRBD exercise is to highlight major developments in the economy of Bangladesh, to flag emerging challenges confronting macroeconomic management, to raise awareness about key developmental issues and challenges facing the Bangladesh economy, and to stimulate an informed debate around these issues. As in earlier years, the work on IRBD FY2010-11 volume has involved both analytical work, and dialogues including a number of discussion sessions with relevant experts and stakeholders. Thus, along with the CPD researchers, views of many stakeholders have also been reflected in this volume. The present volume also includes a number of interim outputs prepared under the IRBD 2011 programme at CPD.