Education Watch 2011-12: Skills Development in Bangladesh: Enhancing the Youth Skills Profiles
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Publication Date: March 2013
ISBN: 9789843373502
Format: Paperback, 193 pp
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CAMPE serves as the secretariat of Education Watch. CAMPE as part of its commitment to effective implementation of EFA works as an umbrella for its partner NGOs. Education Watch Bangladesh was set up in 1998 by a group of like-minded individuals and organizations concerned about educational development in the country. The need for embarking on such an initiative was expressed in the National Conference on Universal Primary Education two years earlier in 1996. The Conference, held in Dhaka, was organized by a cross section of civil society representatives and inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Weaknesses in monitoring the EFA effort, especially the lack of valid and reliable information necessary for developing policies and plans were identified as primary constraints to ensure proper implementation of the EFA. Education Watch was thus born with the initiative and support of interested individuals and non-government organizations. The broad aim of Education Watch was to take on the role of an independent, research-based monitoring mechanism for assessing progress in EFA. The specific aims are as follows. Conduct periodic independent review of the state of primary and basic education through research, surveys and studies and publish annually a report on aspects of basic and primary education. Disseminate the findings of the research to all stakeholders at various levels in order to enhance public awareness about education and promote public participation in educational policy dialogue. Engage in advocacy in support of quality Education for All in the country. At the beginning, two committees were formed to guide and oversee EW activities - the Advisory Board and the Working Group. Individuals with known professional expertise in their individual capacities were included in these bodies. Another body called the Technical Committee was also formed later. Distinguished people including researchers, academics, activists and education officials are