Regional Cooperation and Globalisation: Bangladesh, South Asia and Beyond
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Publication Date: 2013
ISBN: 9789845060417
Format: Hardcover, 250 pages
Language: English
Condition: New

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The volume represents a range of themes covering a myriad of issues and problems facing South Asian Nations. The essay address issues from clash of ideologies focusing on secularism and non-secular nationalism, to rationale for regional cooperation with an ideological thrust, to developing a sustainable framework for making policies of a new nation, to civil society’s proactive role in searching a common ground for consensus building, to threat perceptions emanating from ideological, socio-political and historical causes adversely affecting intra-regional relations, to efforts having a positive outcome to globalism with different implications for sovereignty and citizenship.

A special characteristic of this volume is a combination of theoretical and operational approaches made by academics and practitioners contributing to a variety of worthy, interesting and complex topics. An added specialty is the outstanding background of its contributors. One made the constitution for a new nation–Bangladesh–serving as its first foreign minister and founding a political party later on. Two served as adviser to an interim government, three served as ambassadors of two South Asian countries and five created new civil society institutions–policy making, electoral, human rights and refugees.