Global Flashpoint South Asia and Meddle East
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Publisher: Media Arial
Publication Date: July 2011
ISBN: 09868320006
Format: Paperback, 175 pages
Language: English
Condition: New
Produce ID: 9004535

Book Description:

Indeed, it is a happy occasion for me that the book titled "Global Flashpoint South Asia and Meddle East" has come out with several published articles in recent times.

I am writing articles in major newspapers in the country and also abroad on international issues, mainly south Asia for the last 25 years. Such issues are galore and of endless interest, and I find writing in both English and Bangla as extremely exhilarating. Because of certain unforeseen developments of enormous importance, both South Asia and Middle East in recent times emerged as cynosure of all eyes. This book contains some articles inextricably and also otherwise linked with these regions. However, international situation changes and as such, it may appear that some of the articles are not in conformity with current situation. But they remain valuable.