Flow of External Resources into Bangladesh-2011 (As of 30 June 2011)
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Publisher: Economic Relations Division, Govt. of Bangladesh
Publication Date: December 2011
Format: Paperback, 296 pages
Language: English
Condition: New
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Book Description:

Flow of External Resources into Bangladesh. This year attempts have been made to present the document in a more user-friendly fashion. An executive summary and a methodology of compilation of data have been added for quick and clear understanding of the information presented. The overview of the book is presented this time with color graphs illustrating the major trends, composition and comparison of important variables on external debts. This publication has already received wide appreciation from readership from home and abroad, including the policy makers, researchers, academics, students and others for catering to their needs and uses. I hope that ERD would continue its efforts to further improve the document in terms of its scope, presentation and analysis.
This document mainly provides updated information on resource flows to Bangladesh from development partners and repayment on account of such flows. Further, it provides information on other debts which are not ODA but coordinated by the Economic Relations Division. It also includes information on external loans utilised by the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management and the parastatals like Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC), Bangladesh Shipping Corporation (BSC) and Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. Summary data on borrowings from International Monetary Fund (IMF), external debts of autonomous, semi-autonomous and corporate bodies and grants extended to the Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) are also included. However, data on aid to the private sector and debt of the defence establishment remain outside the purview of this publication.
This document is prepared on the basis of latest information available with ERD and supplemented, where necessary, by the reports of the development partners, the Bangladesh Bank and other corporate bodies. Some figures shown in the report may need to be revised, based on feedback from the development partners.
This publication is the result of hard work put in by the officers and staff of the Foreign Aid Budget and Accounts (FABA) Branch of ERD. Any suggestion for further improvement is welcome as always. Should any discrepancy be detected or any clarification needed by the users, ERD may please be contacted.