Sixth Five Year Plan of Bangladesh 2011-2015 Background Papers: Volume 4- Cross Sectoral Issues
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Author/Editor: Mustafa K. Mujerri and Shamsul Alam
Publisher: Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies & Planning Commission
Publication Date: September 2011
ISBN: 9789843330903
Format: Hardcover, pages 417
Produce ID: 9004483

About the Book:

Bangladesh has gathered rich experience in planned development with the implementation
of five five-year plans and one two-year plan over the last three decades. With a gap of nine
years during which period the country implemented poverty reduction strategy papers, Bangladesh returned to the five year development planning framework with the preparation of the Sixth Five Year Plan (201 1 -2015) within the framework of the Perspective Plan (201 0-2021 ) and keeping the goals of the Vision 2021 in view. The preparation of the Sixth Plan necessitated the formulation of the technical framework for finalising the plan strategies and identifying the desirable development path that would lead to fulfilling its objectives Several background studies were also undertaken for generating
quantitative/qualitative benchmark values and targets for relevant indicators of the Plan and. fill-ln critical knowledge gaps. The Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) was assigned to conduct the background studies and develop the technical framework of the Plan for which renowned economists and development practitioners in the relevant fields were engaged to complete the tasks within the stipulated time Period, These studies Provided valuable information/inputs which significantly contributed towards drafting the Sixth Five Year Plan. The studies attempt to spell out a reform strategy and agenda for agriculture, food security, industrialization, poverty reduction, social development, sustainable management of natural resources, and other development issues in Bangladesh in the light of current conditions as well as past experience'

The studies are rich in contents and, if made available, will enrich the knowledge base relating to development challenges and development options facing Bangladesh' in view of the importance of these studies, BIDS and the General Economics Division (GED) of the Planning Commission have decided to jointly publish these studies in six volumes'

The present volume contains six chapters. The first three chapters cover such issues as off-farm
employment and income growth through microfinance, aspects of regional disparity and
factors affecting it, urbanisation management and housing sector, climate change and its likely
impacts, particularly on ADB and institutional aspects of managing climate change. The other
chapters include prospects and constraints developing ICT sector, small and micro enterprise development, governance challenges in Bangladesh, relationship between governance and development, and importance of result-based monitoring and evaluation system. It is expected that the relevance of the issues and its diverse contents and analysis would make this volume useful for the research community, policymakers, and others interested in understanding various cross sectoral aspects and challenges of the Bangladesh economy.


Ahsan Uddin Ahmed, 5hamsulAlam, lyed S[ah Saad Andalib, M Asaduzzaman, Shubhasish Qarqa, A,K M Enamul.,Flaque Kazi lqbal, M A Baqui, Bazlul Haque Khondker, Minhaj Mahmud, Mustafa K Mujeri,
Mohammad Qamar Munir, Farzana Munshi, Rushidan lslam Rahman, Ananya Raihan, Syed NaimulWadood