Dhaka in the Liberation War 1971
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Author/Editor: Mohit Ul Alam and Abu Md. Delwar Hossain
Publisher: Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
Publication Date: November 2011
ISBN: 9789845120173
Format: Hardcover, pages 432
Produce ID: 9004486

About the Book:

Of the various methods in forming a nation-state, the armed struggle for liberation is one. In 1971, the nation-state that we got through our Liberation War, all its activities were centered in Dhaka. The beginning of the Liberation War and also its successful ending both happened in Dhaka. In the long nine months of war, the Pakistani occupying forces and their local collaborators perpetrated many types of atrocities. And most of them were directed against the people living in Dhaka. The horrendous genocidal action by the name Operation Searchlight launched on the fateful night of March 25,1971stunned the people of Dhaka. The main objective of the Pakistan Military Government was to rule by fear. But they could not achieve this objective. On the contrary, the indiscriminate killing and genocide communed in Dhaka caused a furor not only in Dhaka but also across the country. As a result, out of sheer patriotism general people, and majority of the Bengali defense personnel who had deserted the Pakistan army , started putting up resistance everywhere. The rebellion of the armed servicemen and their anticipation in the resistance inspired the people and raised hopes in them. At this point the Pakistan Government conspired to keep Dhaka disconnected from the world by imposing press censorship, proclaiming Martial Law regulations and clamping curfew. The daily life of the people of Dhaka became miserable and intolerable. In fact, they were besieged. In June-July, the trained urban guerillas entered Dhaka city. This guerilla platoon operated indomitably and thus created panic amongst the Pakistan army and their local collaborators, Razakar, Al Badar and Al Shams. Their propaganda slogan, 'Everything is running properly' - by which Pakistan wanted to assuage the world was proved untrue as the guerilla operations were destabilizing the life in Dhaka every day. The guerilla attacks also severely delimited the movement of the Pakistan army. In december, the Allied Forces