Going Digital: Realizing the Dreams of a Digital Bangladesh for all
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Author/Editor: Habibullah N. Karim
Publisher: The University Press limited
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 9789845060349
Format: Hardcover, pages 216
Produce ID: 9004419
Price: BDT 550.00, USD 40.00

About the book

Building on a deep understanding of the transformative roles that digital technologies, such as the mobile phones, have already played around the world, this book, Going Digital: Realizing the Dreams of a Digital Bangladesh for All, takes us on a journey that could catapult Bangladesh from the age of old-style industrialization to the emerging new era of virtualization. The Internet and wireless communication technologies are rapidly obliterating distances or physical location as a relevant factor in how we conduct business in our personal and professional lives. The authors share their unique perspectives on how best to energize the policy makers and the investor/stakeholder communities to capitalize on this historic opportunity to leapfrog toward a digital economy of the future. This would call for mobilizing the required resources for making the visions of "Digital Bangladesh" happen soon enough so that Bangladesh could join the ranks of middle-income countries (MICs) by 2021. You'll learn about how best to overcome some of the unavoidable challenges along the way and the likely catalytic impact of a new paradigm in (Web 2.0-based) digital technologies on the quality of life of the enterprising Bangladeshis at home and abroad. This book will serve as a virtual platform for sharing ideas and experiences toward building the virtual bridges for a "new and improved" version of Bangladesh 2.0. The authors take this opportunity to invite the non-resident-Bangladeshi (NRB) community to consider investing in the realization of the bold outlook outlined in the book for the visionary Bangladesh 2.0 while vicariously getting a taste of their former homeland from their respective "new homelands" outside Bangladesh.