Bangladesh Sixth Five Year Plan, FY 2011-FY 2015 (in 3 part)
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Author/Editor: Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning, GoB
Publisher: Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning, GoB
Publication Date: 2011
Format: Paperback, xxiv+867pp
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Table of Contents

Part-1: Strategic Directions and Policy Framework

Chapter 1: Development Context, Sixth Plan Targets and Strategy
Chapter 2: Growth and Employment Strategies
Chapter 3: Medium Term Macroeconomic Framework
Chapter 4: Financing the Plan
Chapter 5: Human Resources Development Strategy
Chapter 6: Poverty, Inclusion and Social Protection
Chapter 7: Managing Regional Disparities for Shard Growth and Sustained Poverty Reduction
Chapter 8: Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Management for Sustained Development
Chapter 9: Implementing the Plan: The Challenges of Good Governance, Administrative Capacity, and Monitoring and Evaluation

Part 2: Sectoral Strategies, Programs and Polices

Chapter 1: Strategy for Raising Farm Productivity and Agricultural Growth
Chapter 2: Diversifying Export and Developing a Dynamic Manufacturing Sector
Chapter 3: Energy Development Plan to Support Higher Growth and Employment
Chapter 4: Efficient Transport Services to Reduce Cost and Improve Welfare
Chapter 5: Managing the Urban Transition
Chapter 6: Boosting the Knowledge Economy for Higher Productivity
Chapter 7: Education, training, Sports, Culture and Religion
Chapter 8: Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Development Programs
Chapter 9: Reaching out the Poor and the vulnerable Population
Chapter 10: Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Risk management

Part 3: Statistical Annex and Technical Framework

Part 1: Statistical Annex
A. Macro and Fiscal Block
1. National Accounts
2. Revenue
3. Expenditure
4. Debt
5. Money and Prices
6. Balance of Payment

B. Poverty and Social Safety Net Block
1. Poverty
2. Social Safety net tables

C. Human Development
1. Education
2. Health Indicators
3. Human resource Development

D. Regional Disparity Block

Part 2: Technical Framework
Macroeconomic Scenario for the Sixth Five Year Plan (2011-2015)
Results from the Dynamic CGE Model of Bangladesh