Minor Irrigation Survey Report 2009-2010
  Author/Editor: Khandker Fazal Hassan, edited
Publisher: Survey & Monitoring Project, Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation, GoB
Publish On: June 2011
Binding: Paperback
Produce ID: 9004272
Price: BDT 500.00, USD 30.00

About the Book:

BADC has been implementing Survey and Monitoring Project for Development of
minor irrigation since 1999.The project is directly involved with ground and surface
water monitoring lrrigation equipment survey, irrigation water quality and monitoring
eic. Mainly the motto of this project is to generate reliable and adequate statistics
about minor irrigation development. Demand for information on area-wise availability
of water, its limitations, selection of area-wise minor irrigation technology, analysis of
economic and technical aspects of different technologies is increasing day by day. So
Survey and Monitoring project has been launched to make the prevailing monitoring
system more widened, consolidated, stronger and modernized as well as to provide
technical support and cooperation to the farmers.

The project undertook the irrigation equipment survey from Rabi-2000 irrigation
season. The survey and monitoring project alone carried out survey and published
five survey reports from Rabi-2000 to Rabi-2004.But from Rabi-2005, the MOA
directed BADC, DAE and BMDA to carry out the survey jointly to make it more
authentic. So from Rabi-2005 survey has been carrying out by three organizations
jointly and report is published on the basis of the information collected by three
organizatioirs. This is the 11th report on irrigation equipment. lt has been possible to
prepare the report after continuous hard work. No pains have been spared to make
the report really useful to those for whom it is intended.