In Quest of Fairness
  Author/Editor: Mohammad Ameeruz Zaman
Publisher: The University Press Limited
Publish On: 2011
ISBN: 9789848815205
Binding: Hardcover
Produce ID: 9004263
Price: BDT 500.00, USD 30.00

About the book

This book assesses the extent to which fairness prevails in various aspects of Bangladesh’s politics, judiciary and society at large. It starts by examining fairness as a concept and social norm before moving onto a detailed assessment of the electoral process in Bangladesh. Several chapters are devoted to the coasts and benefits of the caretaker government system. One chapter focuses on the implications of the ‘clean candidates’ campaign launched by civil society during the last election. Another set of articles revolves around multiple dimensions of governance. This includes a comparative assessment of the services provided by two state-owned companies. Other themes range from the importance of healthy student politics to the need for tolerance and respect for law in order to build a fair democracy. A third cluster of chapter assesses how applicable the concept of fairness is to the Bangladesh judiciary. Finally the author provides inspiring examples of people in different professions whose core principles relate to building a fair and just society.

Mohammad Ameeruz Zaman has graduate degrees in Economics and Accounting from Vanderbilt University, USA, The University of Manchester, UK and Dhaka University. He was General Secretary of the Dhaka University Central Students Union, joined the Civil Service of erstwhile Pakistan in 1957 and also worked for the United Nations over a twenty year period in overseas assignments. After retiring from the UN he studied law in Dhaka and is now actively involved in running a charitable foundation in Bangladesh.