Bangladesh Metal Casting: Five Techniques.
  Author/Editor: Matthew S. Friedman
Publisher: University Press Limited.
Year of Publish: 2001
Produce Code: 9000508
ISBN: 984-05-1505-X
Price: BDT 300.00, USD 30.00

About the book

For generations, Bangladeshi craftsmen have been making beautiful metal objects using a variety of different techniques. While a handful of books have been written focusing on some of the older pieces that have been found throughout Bangladesh, few have provided insights into how these metal objects were created. This book attempts to explore some of the mysteries behind Bangladesh's unique metal casting industry, focusing specifically on five different casting techniques, including the lost wax method, the clay casting method, the sand casting method, the spoon casting method and the plate casting method. These methods are used to make items ranging from ornate Hindu and Buddhist statues to simple household objects such as spoons and toilet pots. The purpose of this book is to keep the memory of this legacy alive in hopes that future generations in Bangladesh will come to appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these unique objects. If this trade is someday lost, an important part of Bangladesh's artistic tradition will vanish forever.

Matthew S. Friedman, as a professor in the field of health, has traveled to over 38 countries around the world. For the past ten years, he has been living and working in South Asia as a technical health advisor. During this time, Friedman has spent years examining and studying all aspects of metal casting in the region. His initial book on the subject Nepalese Casted Vessels, Decanters and Bowls was one of the first to document the Lost Wax Method used in Nepal to cast household items. He is also the author of two other popular books, The Gorbba Urn and Tara: A Fleshtrade Odyssey.