Bangladesh Population Census-2001, Community Series: Rangpur District
  Bangladesh Population Census-2001: Community Series

Contents & Tables:

Zila at a Glance
Zila Map
Chapter-1: Introductory notes on census
Chapter-2: Concepts and definitions
Chapter-3: Summary and findings

Community Tables:
Table-1: Area, household, population and literacy by sex
Table-2: Population by age group and sex
Table-3: Population 10 years and over by sex, marital status and married women by age group
Table-4: Population 5 to 24 years by age group, school attendance and sex
Table-5: Population 10 years and over by main activity
Table-6: Household in dwelling unit by source of drinking water, toilet facility, electricity connection and ownership of agricultural land
Table-7: Household in dwelling unit by main source of income
Table-8: Household and population by religion and tribal population
Table-9: Household in dwelling unit by size

List of personnel engaged in preparation of this report
Census questionnaire