Urban Crime and Violence in Dhaka
  About the book

Based on extensive field investigations as well as analysis of secondary data, Urban Crime and Violence in Dhaka presents the result of a study carried out on urban crime and violence in public places of the metropolis. It focuses on the types of crimes that occur in it and throws light on the reasons behind the criminal activities that take place in Dhaka. The book aims to identify the victims as well as the perpetrators of crime and highlights trends and types of crime and violence affecting the people of the city. It revels the nexus between crime and violence and the socio-economic situation of Dhaka city. The study concludes with a set of recommendations for all authorities concerned so that they can provide safer spaces for its residents through formulation of policies that will help reduce crime and violence.

Salma A. Shafi, is an architect and urban planner. She works on urban planning issues and is a core member of the Center for Urban Studies, Dhaka. Ms. Shafi did her M.Sc. in Urban Planning, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, and has a B.Arch. from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. She specializes in urban research, land tenure issues, housing and environmental planning. Her works include The Inclusive City, Infrastructure and Public Services for the Urban Poor in Asia (Woodrow Wilson Centre Press, Washington DC and Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore). She is the Project Advisor of ‘Urbis: The Urban Capacity Laboratory Programme’.